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The No Weld Grinder is starting to show up as completed projects. I have started to post pictures of these grinders on the No Weld Grinder Page.

We have many of the parts required for building the grinder here

No Weld Grinder/Sander Plans are available now. After several hundred  hours of R&D and several prototype builds, I have completed the  plans and assembly manual for the No Weld Grinder/Sander. This 2”x72” grinder features quick change out tool bars similar to the KMG and quick on/off tool table rest that can be used on with any of the attachments. This is not a KMG clone. I think the KMG is an awesome grinder and  worth every penny. I've had one for years and love it. I wanted another  grinder for my garage but I couldn't justify the cost of another KMG for how little that one would get used. I decided I would design a grinder  that could be built cheaper than any other knife grinder on the market  and that did not require precision tapping and threading construction  the KMG uses or welding all of the other use. These construction plans require no welding, milling, lathe work and this grinder sander can be constructed using common tools.

These plans have 15 pages of high quality CAD drawings with materials and  measurements on each drawing. I believe you could build the entire  grinder from these CAD drawings. I have also put together nearly 30  additional pages of construction and assembly notes, pictures,  information on motors, abrasives, metal working. There is also a  suppliers listing giving you multiple sources for the parts so you can  shop for the best price.

The NWGS can change out tool arm attachments in seconds. The tool table  rest can be used with any attachment or removed in seconds. In the 28  page assembly manual, I have included 5 pages of information on how to  shop for a motor and what to look for. I have also included 3 pages of  basic information on abrasives.

In addition, at Midwest Knifemakers Supply, LLC, www.USAknifemaker.com I have created an entire listing area for parts, minor tools, drill  bits and other items you may need for constructing your NWGS.

This grinder runs rock solid. The picture above shows a flat platen  attachment with the tool table rest and a small 2x2 table in place. You  can make your tool table larger or even smaller!



The picture to the left shows an 8” contact wheel with the table rest in  place. I use this exact design set up to do hollow grinds with my KMG.  This is proven design. Look at ANY of my knives and see what using a  tool rest like this can do.






The picture to the right shows a 3” wheel attachment.

These plans are $25 and available at:

Midwest Knifemakers Supply, LLC

www.USAknifemaker.com Knife making supplies for knife makers from a knife maker....

Thanks for having a look, welcome to my web site...




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4/1/07 This knife is available. Just off the bench - no foolin. Black Ash Burl Utility. Click the picture for more on this one...


5-15-07 Just finished. This is amboyna burl with bark inclusions I worked into  the handle for some character. This is CPM154 mirrored with an 8” hollow grind. The bolster has sculpted finger relief on both sides and the  rear of the bolster is concave. This one is going to Sandy Morrissey for a sheath. Click the picture above for a little more detail and the  price....













5/30/07 In the June issue of Woodcraft Magazine it seems we have gotten some ink.

Thank you Woodcraft Magazine....We appreciate it!











6-17-07 Just got this image from Coop. I had him shoot this knife at the Blade  show. He does amazing work. This knife is available. Click the picture  for additional shots and information...


7/12/07  This one was pictured above earlier. I sent it to Ron P. Nott for  engraving and it just came back. I think it came out quite nice. This  knife is available to purchase. Click the picture for more...


8/20/07 2 pair of sheaths just came in from Sandy Morrissey, the Sulton of Moo. I had Sandy make 2 each for these two knives. One buyers choice of  sheath goes with the knife, the other goes into my collection of study  sheaths.














9/5/07 Just got in the new November 07 issue of Blade magazine and I was  flipping through it and came across this. I had Jim Cooper (www.sharpbycoop.com) take a picture of this one at the blade show. The full picture he took  is just above here a little bit. Kind of a nice surprise.... Good job  Jim, thanks.

This knife is for sale here....


Mickley Custom Knives