The Scrim

1/8/06 The Scrim Knife. This knife started in concept over 2 years ago and finally finished up in the last couple weeks. You can see some of the progress documented in the In Progress pages. This is Ivory inlayed. 416ss surrounds the inlay and is engraved by Joe Mason . The scrim work was done by Lori Ristinen . The steel is RWL-34 that takes and radiates a shine near liquid mercury in appearance.

The blade is approximately 4 1/2” long and OAL is approximately 8 1/2”. The blade is approximately .2” thick. The scrim is black and ‘white’ intentionally to simulate a winter scene. Looking at the scrim you will see one picture of a buck and a doe in a stand of birch trees. If you look closely at the back of the knife scene, you will see the same buck and doe but from a totally different perspective. Lori simply did an outstanding job.

The engraving is a mix of traditional, deep relief and is also an extension of the scrim. Looking along the top of the scrim work you will see where Joe extended the scrim scene via engraving. The he finishes off the bolsters with a mix of deep relief and his own great style of scroll and flourish with gold inlay.

The knife comes in a zippered pouch. As with all of my knives, there is a 7 day inspection and return period. The knife currently has not been sharpened but will be upon purchase.

This knife is listed for sale at $1,350. This knife has been sold. Thanks..

scrim project design 1 small

This is the original concept drawing for this project. Every thing was interpreted and done from this single page drawing.