rhino whacker

12/27/05 Just off the bench. I haven’t any idea what to call this knife. It just happened. I had an odd piece of steel that I thought really needed to be used and this one came out from it. It is made from 154CM steel. The bottom edge is a recurve 8” hollow grind, the front edge is a 14” hollow grind. It’s mirrored all the way with a Ironwood scales for the handle. The blade is nearly 6” and the OAL is just under 10 1/2”. This was easily the most difficult grind I’ve ever done which made it very satisfying to complete. I am normally very careful with sharpened knives and rarely get cut. This one drew blood twice. It’s a hungry little bugger. If you can think of a name to call it, let me know cause I’m stumped. This will come with a zippered case. I can have a sheath made for it by my friend Sandy Morrissey, a Master Leather worker, for an additional $50. The sheath will take several weeks as Sandy usually runs with a 3 to 4 week work load. Not bad for an 80 year old guy.  This one has SOLD to Ron LaBella of www.jerzeedevil.com