July 2007 Issue of Woodcraft Magazine....

Woodcraft is a retail company with multiple locations, an ecommerce company, wood working teaching academy and magazine publisher. They recently taught a class on knife making and the publisher contacted me about a sheath construction tutorial I had posted. One thing led to another and I ended up with a full page feature article.

Here is a scan of the article as it appeared....

Blade Magazine in September of 2006



Blade Magazine... from Sept of 2006 in the Knife makers Showcase. Just to the left of my mug shot is a one of Steve Johnson who is ten times the knife maker I am and I was flattered to be listed with him...


Knives Illustrated from August of 2006. I was kindly given a feature article. I wrote this one too. It seems no one else will write about me but apparently I don’t have a problem doing it....


9/5/07 Just got in the new November 07 issue of Blade magazine and I was flipping through it and came across this. I had Jim Cooper (www.sharpbycoop.com) take a picture of this one at the blade show. The full picture he took is just above here a little bit. Kind of a nice surprise.... Good job Jim, thanks.

This knife is for sale here....

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