CPM S30V steel with a mirror hollow grind and near mirror flats are handled with blue and tan mammoth ivory. The heat treat was by Paul Bos and the ivory has been stabibilized by WSSI. The bolsters are 416ss and relieved for either a left or right grip. The blade length is 4” from tip to bolster, OAL is 8” and it’s approximately 5/32” thick. The mammoth colors range from dark blue to light tan and polished up nicely. This one is SOLD! 


I’ve started to mark the steel type on the back of my knives now.


No pictures of the sheath yet. It’s done and I will get pictures posted soon. If you are interested in this before I get those posted, shoot me an email and I’ll get right on it. Thanks...


This is now my favorite picture. It just came out.