Ironwood scales really pop on this one. RWL-34 mirrors up like liquid mercury on this hollow ground straight point. The flats are also near mirror. RWL-34 is imported from Europe and is the particle vacuum melt version of ATS-34 that cleans up exceptionally well. The beauty of this ironwood doesn’t show up well in this picture but there you go. I’m using a new camera and I’ll keep at it. The bolster is sculpted and concave at the rear where the scales join them. Two pins in the scales are set in a non-traditional placement really show off the scales. This one really cleaned up well. Blade length is 4 1/2”, OAL is 9”, thickness is .20”. Paul Bos heat treat and cryo. This is SOLD


Every knife I make has flaws. If a maker tells you his don’t, walk away. Here is the one that bugs me on this one. Look closely and you will see the two bolsters don’t line up exactly on the top spine. They are off to .002 to .003”. It’s not a deal breaker for most but you need to know this.


Back side, same great Ironwood and steel type mark.


Custom leather sheath in a a kind of Mexican loop style. The sheath is molded around the bolster for a solid fit. It is double dyed and waxed up.