In Progress

Joe Mason of and I have entered into a collaboration project on two knives together. Sandy Morrissey has also agreed to make the sheaths. I will be documenting the progress here with pictures of the entire process so you can see it all come together. A collaboration blog of sorts.

12/28/03 I get an e-mail from Joe asking about a custom knife. He’d seen some of mine listed and wanted something close to the ‘white stag’ I have posted in available. He’s getting ready to do a couple knife shows, one in April and the Blade show in June and wants to have a couple show piece samples to promote his engraving. I’ve never had an engraved knife but I sure want one. After a couple messages back and forth we came to decide I would make two knives, he’d keep one and engrave another for me. I’m excited. I send Sandy a message asking his help with a couple sheaths. He agrees. We’re off to the races...

12/29/03 I finally get started. In this picture you will see the original white stag knife Joe referenced. Then there is a picture I printed out for reference. Not sure why I printed it out, I still had the original. Joe needs a bit more room on the bolster than the white stag knife gives so I needed to tweak the original pattern. Simply giving it a wider waist for extra bolster space didn’t help. The wider waist killed the visual appeal of the design. It took three patterns to figure that out. The answer was to scale the whole design up an inch in length. This gave it a wider waist that was needed for the engraving but kept the design flow. The second from the bottom pattern is the original. The other three patterns are variations I tried. None of them worked. 

4 patterns compared to original02
scaled up pattern

 12/30/03 Here is the final pattern. It is 1” longer than the original pattern on the top. The black marks on the blade are where I plan to put the bolsters. It scaled up nicely. If I had done this originally in my CAD program, it probably would have taken two minutes to scale up but hours to draw. It comes out as a wash but I really need to get these into my CAD software one of these days. This is a slow drop point with a tear drop handle. The blade will be tip to bolster just over 4” with an overall length of 9 1/2”.

hanging patterns

12/30/03 Here are some of my other patterns I keep on hand. Every knife I make starts as a paper drawing that is transferred to a steel pattern.

See any you like?


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