Fish Knives

Nemo Knife..

The top and bottom fins are stabilized Box Eldor Burl. The body is dyed giraffe bone. The blade is 154CM fully heat treated. The edge is sharpened but no where near as sharp as a typical knife would be. The pins and eyes are inlaid brass rod. The knife is one sided and sits on top of an attached pedestal of ebony. The mount is ground at a slight angle so the knife is tilted slight towards the viewer giving it a stronger three dimensional view. This knife is around 4 3/4” long tip to tip. The price of this one is SOLD shipped CONUS.


back side of Nemo knife...

The Snail..

This knife has a body of stabilized Black Ash Burl. Brass inlays offer some detail. It is mounted on a piece of black ebony and ground at an angle so it leans toward the viewer. It is roughly 3” long from tip to tip. The price of this one is sold shipped Conus.

The Whale Knife has a body of Desert Ironwood and has a lefty grind. It is mounted on a bit of ebony that is ground at an angle to give it a look as though it was jumping out of the water. It is approximately 4” tip to tip. It ships Conus for sold.