Coupe Back Clip Stag

This is a Coupe Back Clip Point. I call it a Coupe Back because it reminded me of one of those quick little foreign coupes. This is S30V steel with an 8” mirrored hollow grind. The blade runs 4 1/2”, the OAL is 9 1/4”. It’s a stout one at nearly 0.2” thick. The bolsters are polished 416ss with sculpted finger relief and concave back where the scales connect. The handle is stag and the part that is often white where the bark has been sanded away, has been antiqued and dyed to hide any dirt that tends to turn the white to gray other wise. The stag has also been sealed, again to keep the stains down. The clip on sheath is worth the price of admission. I’ve never made one like this. It is fully lined inside and out. The outside is wrapped in maroon colored Manta Ray skin. It is insanely tough. This one goes for SOLD $365 shipped CONUS.

The back side has the steel type etched in.


Here you can get a better look at the stag where it has been dyed to antique it a bit.... It has also been sealed in Deft.


When I was stitching up the sheath, I had to use a drill bit to make the holes. Tough, tought stuff.

stag handle macro w reflection

1/14/06 The stag on this one doesn’t photograph well. It looks dirty and rough in the other pictures. I just got a new Macro lens so I took a close up of the stag for a little better look. You can also see my mug reflected in the bolster.