black ash burl fighter

1/21/06 Fighter with carved blade and Black Ash burl handle. The 154CM blade is 7” long with a full convex grind. The blade thickness varies due to the carving but is just around .140” at it’s thickest point so it’s not a pry bar. It’s a sleek, quick fighter.  I did the heat treat and cryo to 58RC. The blade is carved in a gentle curve that runs 3/4’s of the length of the blade. The over all length is just over 12” The burl wood was stabilized by WSSI and has some texturing on the handle for that little extra grip and to give the handle a little visual interest. The guard is 416ss and was forged to shape. The entire blade is mirrored up as you can probably see. It comes with a sheath that was dyed with 4 different colors to simulate the Ash burl mottling. The knife is secured by two John Brown studs at the handle. I will also include a zippered pouch for storage. This one is SOLD shipped CONUS.

backside1 fighter