This pair of knives, whimsically named The Twins will be sold only as a set. These exact knives are featured in the David Darom - Dennis Greenbaum book “The Art of Moden Custom Knifemaking 100 Custom Knife Related Projects in the Making” In this book, there is a two page spread on with pictures and comments documenting how I made these knives. There will be a copy of this book included with the purchase. I have every hope this ends up as going to a Father and his son.

The price for this pair of knives is $950.00 shipped CONUS. These are SOLD


Here is a peak at a few pages from the book as taken in a quick shot by one of the authors, Dennis Greenbaum. This is a beautiful book with amazing knives. I feel humbled to have been included.


Front and back cover of the book....


Here are a few pictures I took for the book that didn’t get published. Not enough room for all of them....

This shows the two knives curing the epoxy after setting the handle scales...

Soaking the just heat treated knives in liquid Nitrogen at minus 300F. This converts any remaining austinite to martinsite in the structure of the steel. A cyro treated knife tends to hold an edge by up to 30% more in cutting tests...


Grinding the bolsters dovetail on the disc grinder. One slip here and my knuckles are toast for a month...and it hurts like hell...

Here is one of the knives with the bolster partially shaped and the other still in the rough..


The knives are almost finished. They just need a logo etched in and sharpened.

Before they are sharpened, the sheaths are made...


I’m etching the logo into the knives...

Mickley Custom Knives