Grinder pictures and design mod’s we’ve received so far...


Belt side view of Mark’s grinder build.

Mark Collins sent us these pictures of his No Weld Grinder. He still had some wiring to finish up but took it for a test drive. Here is what he said when he sent the pictures:


 My NWGS made its first run this PM. I still need to adjust the drive wheel alignment, hook up a switch, and move the outfit to a permanent location. Also need to a shakedown entire unit once I'm satisfied with alignment. It would have run all day the way it was in any of the 4 speed ranges had I let it though. The plans are very solid, with all info I've needed. It's only taken 20 hours to get it from raw materials to running, with another few to adjust it, Loc-Tite the nuts, add a switch and I'll be off.

The only change I made was a wider perch to mount the pillow blocks, giving them a wider stance. I also increased the 4" square tube from 1/8 to 3/16". I mounted the motor on its own platform that swivels to keep belt tension even. Once the grinder is mounted on permanent bench the motor platform swivel will work. I've used this belt tension system on an 18" bandsaw I made a few years ago, the belt never slips. I included a couple of pics of the bandsaw motor setup too.

I'll be ordering more wheels for the flat platen attachment by first of year.

I've included a few pics of the first run, I'll send a couple more when I get it on its permanent bench.


 Mark Collins


This is a mod Mark made for the pillow block bearings. A little wider stance by slicing a pipe in half and extending a ‘base’ to mount the bearings to. Clever.


Mark used 3/16” thick base pipe instead of the 1/8” thick. I think this is a good mod that makes sense. I went with 1/8” in the plans to save costs but if thicker pipe can be found at a good price, I would use it.


I had to put this in. Mark built his own bandsaw - out of wood. I’ve never seen one like this. How cool is that?


Dagr from Bladeforums has his frame completed and is using a vice to hold it for the picture.


Dagr’s finished grinder. Note above this motor set up is mounted on a plate and uses the motor’s weight to keep the drive belt taunt. The spring/wire set up adjusts how much tension the belt receives. A belt should deflect no more than 3/4” when pressed down in between the pulleys. This uses a triple pulley setup for three speeds.

To the right is the finished grinder from the front. A nice clean job. I’m going to have to paint my next one.


Above are the hand drawings of the swivel arm attachment below build by Jarod Todd.


Here is the finished rotating attachment. Jarod reports it works quite well.

10/6/07 Here is the first design mod I’ve been sent and it’s a beauty. Sent in by Jarod Todd of JTCustomknives. This all in one attachment has an 8” contact wheel, a flat platen and a 2” smaller wheel. I don’t have the design particulars but I think it’s a great idea and worth considering. We’ll pester Todd to supply some pictures and additional details when he gets his up and running but he has already ordered the parts and will be building this attachment.


Josh Anderson made this No Weld Grinder. Here is the motor side view and lower left is the belt side view. Just below is a pin press he made following our one page tutorial here:

Josh brings a lot of energy to his knife making. You will be hearing about him down the road. He is a machinist and it shows in his grinder and pin press builds. Look at the welds on the pin press.


Art Troscher from Houston built his on a stand and welded it. Notice the the built in tool arm holder on the base post. Nice build all the way. He is running a VFD drive motor. This takes in regular electricity and converts it into variable frequency electricity to drive a frequency drive motor. This is a top of the line set up as it gives you total speed control with nearly full torque through out the entire speed range. Very nice stuff. I use a VFD on my disc grinder and when my current DC variable speed motor gives out on my main grinder, I’ll replace it with a VFD. I’ve had one of these VFD controllers short out due to metal dust building up inside of the case. Make sure and blow it out often. If you can find one of these with a NEMA IV enclosure (water and dust proof), you are really in good shape.


Bob Elaine sent us these pictures of his No Weld Grinder Build. Note the placement of his motor. This would have to be a clock wise rotation motor - which is not a problem at all. You just build for it. Bob elected to weld his grinder together. Note the screw adjustments are rod welded onto bolts. These ‘knobs’ probably cost him 75 cents each to make which is nice and economical. Peeking into the back of his shop...lets see.... a nice drill press, chop saw, COAL FORGE (nice), post vice, miller Mig welder with a large argon tank and is that an air power hammer in the back? We’ll need to visit Bob’s shop some time...


This is The Green Machine my 14 year old son and I built together. He did all the building on the grinder with me looking over his shoulder. I made the rolling stand. The stand is welded which goes against the no weld grinder concept but it can be just as easily bolted together with through bolts on the lower legs and brackets holding the storage slots. In the storage slots below the grinder are an 8” wheel, a 5” wheel, a slack belt attachment and a tool rest attachment. Now I just need to get him grinding some knives on his own grinder.


Garry Odgers sent us these build pictures. A nice clean build using 4 step pulleys. The top pictures shows an 8” wheel with a tool rest attachment in place and the picture to the upper right show a flat platen attachment. Nice. (I wish my garage was that clean.)

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