2/3/04 This is how it looks after it is all cured. Believe it or not, this isn’t terrible. Somewhere in there we will find a beautiful knife. First I will take it to the band saw and trim off most of the excess handle material to keep the dust down from grinding it to shape.

2/3/04 In this top view, the excess wood has been trimmed and I have roughly shaped it to size. Note the right hand side of the handle is slightly larger than the left hand (face or logo) side of the knife. This is intentional as the client is right handed and this knife will have a bias for right handers with a right side palm swell and the extra right index finger relief in the bolster.

2/3/04 This will give you a better idea of the handle profile. Still pretty ugly so far but the Amboyna is starting to come out now and our ugly duckling is starting to show some signs of life.

2/3/04 The shaping is basically done. Now the finishing detailing starts. It will take several hours of sanding and polishing with some minor grinding on the bolster to finish it up. You can see the personality of the Amboyna really starting to show up here. If you look closely at the dark spot on the bolster, you will see where I super glued my thumb to it. I hate doing that. With the blade taped up, it’s hard to see how the whole knife will come together. I think it will though. A couple more days and this one is out the door. Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel...


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