2/2/04 The bolster has been trimmed to size and ground to shape. It has also been taken to a fine polish. It will get several more scratches that will have to be removed but that is just part of the process. The Amboyna scales and red liners are cut to approximate size. Both are much larger than the handle at this point.

2/2/04 One liner and wood scale are temporarily super glued to the knife handle. The pin and thong holes are drilled from the back and then the scale and liner is removed and repeated for the other side. This gives you a close, tight fit when you drill the holes.

2/2/04 You can see the pin hole being drilled here through the existing holes in the knife. The wood scales and liner are super glued to the handle so they don’t move. A sharp rap with the hammer from the back pops them right off.

2/2/04 Just like the bolster, the scales and liner have to be trial fitted to make sure everything lines up and the scales are flush all around with the handle.

2/2/04 The epoxy has been applied and it is now clamped up to cure. This epoxy takes 24 hours to fully cure so we are done for the evening.
12/10/07 Note I no longer use the epoxy pictured here. I have better epoxy here.


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