Looking close you will see two lines scribed on the edge of the knife. These are the lines that I will follow to form the cutting edge of the knife. I use Dykem layout fluid to show the scribe marks.



Grinding the cutting edge to the scribed lines. The lines are a couple thousands wide. I try to grind 1/3 of that scribe line away so I need magnification visors to help check my work. The cool denim apron makes me look pretty cool too.


The flats of the blade are ground on the disk grinder. This will leave a nice semicircular pattern on the flats in a satin finish. Raw steel is rarely dead flat so the full tang handles are done on the disk grinder also to help give a nice tight fit. This disk grinder is one I made using a 9” disk made by Rob Frink.


12/10/07 These 9” disc’s are available in flat or beveled and fit a 5/8” shaft. The flat disc is dead flat. The beveled disc has a 1degree bevel - which is the one I use and is pictured here. The bevel does not pucker the sand paper. It is such a small amount the paper is sticks perfectly flat to the disc. The advantage of a beveled disc is that when grinding a long blade like I am here, the blade will not catch on the opposite side of the disc. It has a 2degree clearance. (both sides combined) Doesn’t this leave a hollow grind if it’s beveled? Glad you asked. Yes but it is less than .0005” hollow over a 1” wide blade. This is less tolerance than a human can hold it flat. Look at some of my bolster fittings and you will see how flat this is. You can not get anything flat on a belt grinder! It takes a disc sander to make things flat. Belt sander belts pucker and swell around the edges of what ever is being ground. A disc grinder has the paper glued to a disc using feathering adhesive. This sticky stuff allows you to put on a sheet of sandpaper, peel it off and reuse it later. It has just enough tack to hold the paper in place but it isn’t so strong you can’t peel it off. Very cool stuff. This allows you to use 9”x11” adhesive sheets instead of higher priced PSA discs. Switching abrasive using feathering adhesive is a snap. Cleaning up PSA disc is horrible - but then some guys prefer PSA disc’s. If it works for you, use it.

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