6-22-04 Some more pictures of The Scrim. To the left, you can see the top spine shot and see that the metal bolster has a slight convex shape and then the ivory has a stronger convex shape. This picture is slightly off center so it looks a bit lopsided, it’s not. The top picture shows a flaw in the reverse side ivory. This wasn’t apparent until the ivory was finished and it showed up. The crack was a very small surface crack that went unnoticed. Once it was all assembled and sanded down, the crack showed up. I tried to sand through it but it simply went too deep. Taking it out and replacing it wasn’t an option with out having to redo the entire knife and ruining both pieces of matched ivory. The crack will simply have to be worked into the scrim picture or worked around in the scrim. I can see a fallen log right on that crack, can’t you?

1-8-05 The Scrim knife came back a month or so ago. The ivory had moved on both sides and basically pushed its way out of the liner. It had to be totally reworked and re-glued along with two pins to better hold it in. It’s not going anywhere this time. We have a new Scrimshander we will be working with, Lori Ristinen, have a look at her web page here http://www.loriristinen.com/ . She has been sent the Scrim and will be working on that when she completes a couple commissions she was already working on.

1-22-05 Here you can see a little better, the vine and thorn engraved on the spine of this 154CM blade pictured on the home page. I am heat treating this blade at this very moment.


1-22-05 Here is my engraving station. A microscope, engraving ball vise and you can’t see it, but the GRS Gravermeister just under the bench to the lower right. All of my engraving is done under the microscope where you can engrave lines so small and close together for shading that you can’t see the individual lines with the naked eye -- well I can’t anyway. On the clip board next to the scope is the drawing I am following on this practice plate mounted in the vise.

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