3-13-04 Here is what it looks so far and it is as complete as it will get until it comes back from heat treat. You might notice I added a couple more pin holes. One at the very top and one at the lower right. These will be 3/32 and will help hold the 416ss tightly to the handle. I was worried a small gap might show up otherwise when I peened them together.

3-13-04 You might remember this knife a few pages back when it got sent to Joe for engraving. Joe finished it and here are some pictures he sent me. I haven’t even seen it yet. The knife went straight to Sandy Morrissey for the sheath. Joe does nice work doesn’t he?

3/28/04 Here is the finished Mitchell knife back from Sandy. I think it came out OK. Sandy matched the engraving with colored carving in the leather.

5/4/04 The scrim knife is back from heat treat and polished up. I tried the giraffe bone I had on hand for the inlay and it won’t work as it is too aged to hold a sharp scrim. So after some back and forth between Ron and I, some ivory has been ordered and I am waiting on that before I can show any more progress.

5/4/04 My new Adobe Photo Shop software is going to take some getting used to. In this all too weird color of picture are two custom knife orders. The top blade is going to another engraver, Joe Cera who is a full time jeweler that has been practicing engraving for several years. He wanted to step up to a nicer knife to show off his engraving. The bottom knife goes to the client that ordered and has taken delivery of the amboyna engraved knife shown above. We both agreed the first one was too nice to use so now he needs a user. I told him I’d make sure this one wasn’t as pretty as the first one.

5/28/04 Here is the finished Cera knife. It is amboyna handle, dovetailed with a red liner. The sheath is a belt clip on. The bolsters are flat for engraving.

5/28/04 Here is the finished (2nd) Mitchell knife. This little darling sports a 3” S30V blade and is just a hair over 7” OAL. The handle material is ‘cracked ice’ mammoth. You can see the mirror polish on the hollow grind reflects the grain in the sheath leather. The bolsters and flats of the blade are a scratch satin finish as this is a user. I like this pattern enough that I will make one of these for my personal carry.


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