2/15/04 If you look back at page 10, you will see the custom knife order for client Robert M. as ready to go to Joe for engraving. Here is the design Joe came up with for the engraving. The red will be gold inlay.

Here is Joe hard at it. Most engraving is done through a microscope. Notice that it has a head rest built right in. Joe says, “ I use the Gravermax System from GRS with a Sil-Air compressor. The microscope is a Meiji Zoom that goes up to 22.5 power. I use a GRS Positioning Vise and Power Hone. The graver for the project will be a 90 degree square with a 50 degree face and a 20 degree heel.”

Taped up knife to prevent any damage to blade or the handle. Also keeps me from getting cut.

2/15/04 The engraving by Joe starts with the border being cut. As Joe engraves this knife, he will be sending pictures along with commentary so we can all follow along.

Now if you have been reading this straight through, it’s time to take a break, grab a cola and come back and watch Joe as he engraves this knife.

Here the design is scribed onto the bolster.

The main scroll is cut.

The inlay is cut for the first time. This is where the gold will go.


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