2/15/04 The epoxy has cured and we have a good glue up. The scales have not yet been trimmed back. I will take it to 4x6 band saw and trim off much of the excess. Then I will go the grinder and using several different grits and wheels, grind off the excess ivory. It goes every where so I have two dust collectors going while grinding ivory. It also stinks to high heaven. If you ever smelled burning hair, that’s pretty close.

2/15/04 After all that. Here is what it came out like. I had several hours of hand sanding on the mammoth and the bolsters. After sanding, another 45 minutes of buffing everything using 3 different buffing compounds. Finally a coat of Briwax all around for protection and to keep the finger prints down. This one is called Number One and it goes to Joe for engraving next.

2/15/04 This one I call The Bastard. It is just like the one above except it does not want to go together. You will see the pile of bolsters I have made for this knife and rejected for various reasons. One set of bolsters I had just finished attaching when I found a flaw in the fitting and I had to drill it out and remove it before the JB Weld cured. The fourth set of bolsters for The Bastard have been attached and are curing now. If you buy this knife, you can call it Betsy, Uncle Jim, Sharp Pointy Thing or anything else you like. I will always know it as The Bastard.


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