Composite of 'Number 1'
Once in a while a knife earns a name while it is being made. This knife is one of a two piece set and this knife is called simply 'Number 1', the other half of this set is in Joe Mason's possession and is called 'The Bastard' - for a reason.
4 1/4" blade of RWL-34 with an 8" hollow grind that is highly mirrored. The OAL is just at 9". The deep relief engraving with gold inlay is done by my friend Joe Mason who's work simply keeps getting better. The handle is Mammoth ivory. The custom sheath is carved Mexican loop style to vaguely resemble the engraving. Heat treated by Paul Bos the mirror finish in the hollows is liquid mercury finish, the flats are satin scratched near mirror for some contrast. The price for this one is $700 with $20 shipping registered mail via USPS. This knife was sold and all proceeds went to the American Red Cross for the Tsunami Disaster.


Another Composite
This one shows a little large picture of the sheath.


This is all one piece and the front isn't coming out of that loop.


reverse of number 1
Here is the back side of Number 1 so you can see the ivory. The scales match nicely.


A shot of Number 1.


Here is what the top looks like.

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