Engraved Chute Knife. Joe Mason puts his signature engraving on this one with gold inlay. 3 1/2” tip to the front of the bolster and 7 3/4” long over all. Mirror polished all way with CPM-154 steel and 8” hollow grind. The bolsters have sculpted finger relief on both sides. The handle material is Mammoth Ivory that has been stabilized by WSSI. Heat and cryo treatment has this blade at 59 RC. The top false edge has not been sharpened.

The kicker deal to this knife is I had two sheaths made for this knife by master leather worker Sandy Morrissey. The person purchasing this knife gets first choice of 1 sheath. I’ll keep the other for my collection of Morrissey sheaths I use as study pieces.

This knife goes for $800 shipped CONUS....


Engraving by Joe Mason has flowing scroll work with gold inlay in the vine and buds. Joe specializes in deep relief engraving. The back ground is dark black and stippled to make the engraving pop out to a strong 3D look.


This Mammoth Ivory is nice stuff front and back. It has been stabilized by WSSI so it won’t move or crack.


Master craftsman Sandy Morrissey made two sheaths. Buyer gets first choice of one sheath. I keep the other. The sheath on the left his carved scroll work in tribute to the engraving Joe did with a snap keeper strap. The sheath on the right is a fitted split pouch with faux snake skin inlay and some high light carving for accent. I like them both and didn’t want to choose so the buyer has to. I believe this might be our 5th project together as a group.

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